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Walking with Alpacas

No, not the title of my latest documentary, but rather a very pleasant morning out at the great charity Animal Antiks in North Marston, on a glorious, warm, sunny day in the Buckinghamshire countryside.

I was signposted to their Walk & Talk with the Alpacas by another invaluable local charity Bucks Mind. As well as their charity work, Animal Antiks online shop has some fabulous animal encounter and farming activities to experience which are open to everyone, as well as a variety of nest boxes for sale.

Guilly was my companion for the walk around the green fields of the 230 acre farm scattered with wildflowers, and hawthorn hedgerows in bloom. After lockdown, exploring a new part of the countryside, with an animal I’d little knowledge about, was just magical.

We walked for over an hour, with gently rolling hills providing the backdrop, via a couple of ponds with yellow iris, and before long, a few Alpacas in too!

Alpacas having a dip
Alpacas having a dip at Animal Antiks

Talking with volunteers on the way, I learnt that many of the Alpacas were rescues that people could no longer manage, and some were rehomed, as with many of the animals on the farm. In addition to the therapeutic positives for every person involved, it is warming to know that the animals have a good life here and are very well cared for.

The working farm has a wide variety of animals in residence for visitors to discover: horses, ponies, donkeys, alpacas, goats, sheep, pigs, dogs, chickens, ducks, guinea pigs and a rabbit! Why not take a look at the experiences on offer here, or learn more about the charity’s work on their website animalantiks.co.uk.

Animal Antiks
Animal Assisted Learning

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