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Imagez – Weston Turville Camera Club

A membership based local camera club welcoming to all abilities, a mix of enthusiasts passionate about photography, from beginners to professionals.

Imagez is a very active local photography club, regularly meeting in Weston Turville Village Hall, and going on photographic adventures locally and further afield.

I attended a few club meetings and outings at Imagez a few years ago, photos from which are on this page. The club was a friendly group of people, helpful and ready to share knowledge. There were all abilities there from myself (stuck in auto settings) to some really incredible photographers and professionals in their field.

Imagez regularly updated website features their programme of events, news and updates, and some quite amazing photography in the members galleries.

If you’ve even the slightest interest in photography, whatever you use to take your shots, I recommend giving Imagez a try, I think you’ll enjoy it!

Weston Turville Village Hall
School Approach
Weston Turville
HP22 5RW

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