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LOCAL NEWS: Nightingale’s Rainbow lights up as a beacon of hope

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Nightingale’s Rainbow, built at Stoke Mandeville Hospital to recognise and remember the resilience and kindness seen across Buckinghamshire through the pandemic, was lit for the first time last night (Friday 10th Dec 2021) to shine as a beacon of hope this winter.

“Nightingale’s Rainbow is a symbol of hope, resilience and kindness in difficult times. After a week of tightening restrictions, and with a tough and uncertain winter ahead, we hope that lighting Nightingale’s Rainbow in these dark days will remind staff across Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust of how much we appreciate their care and resilience.” says Jo Turner, CEO of Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity.

Nightingale’s Rainbow is a joint project between Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity.

Trust Chief Executive Neil Macdonald said: “Nightingale’s Rainbow means so much to so many at the Trust, Florence Nightingale Hospice and also the wider community of Buckinghamshire. The rainbow is a physical installation to remember the tough times, which we are still going through, and loved ones we have lost but also acts as a symbol of hope for the future.”

Each of the thousands of coloured Rainbow Tiles which form the Rainbow can be dedicated to any individual or group with a message of thanks or support on the virtual Nightingale’s Rainbow at www.nightingalesrainbow.org.uk.

“The messages already left at on the virtual Rainbow are full of love, thanks and gratitude. We encourage everyone to add a message of support to our local NHS workers, or to anyone who has helped them or their loved ones through the Covid crisis to ensure that their acts of kindness and strength are not forgotten.” said Lee Lloyd, Head of Fundraising at Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity.

The virtual Nightingale’s Rainbow has already raised over £24,000 and, with the costs of construction covered by a number of local organisations and the lighting funded by The Clare Foundation, all of the money raised will go directly to support local healthcare workers, patients and their families.

You can add your own Rainbow Tile dedication at www.nightingalesrainbow.org.uk